Vehicle Sticker FAQs

Motor Vehicle Sticker Ordinance

On April 20, 2011, the Village of Wayne adopted a Motor Vehicle Sticker Ordinance.  The original Ordinance has been amended to modify the license term commencing with the 2013-2014 license year.  The Ordinances are available for review at the Village Hall. 

Who Must Purchase a Motor Vehicle Sticker?

If you reside in the Village of Wayne or are a firm/company or other entity with a principle place of business in the Village, you must purchase and display a sticker annually for each of your motor vehicles. Also, a sticker must be purchased and displayed annually for each motor vehicle that has a registered address in the Village or that is principally garaged in the Village, regardless of whether the vehicle is registered somewhere else.

When Must a Motor Vehicle Sticker be Purchased?

Stickers go on sale April 1 and you must purchase and display motor vehicle stickers on or before July 1 of each calendar year. If you acquire a new vehicle, you must purchase and display a sticker for the vehicle within 10 days of the date of acquisition.

Where Do I Place My Vehicle Stickers?

Vehicle stickers must be displayed on the lower right hand corner of your windshield on the passenger side. Owners of motororized pedacycles and motorcycles without windshields must carry stickers on their person. Prior year stickers should be removed.

replacement Stickers

If your sticker is lost or damaged, call Wayne Village Hall to inquire about a replacement.

Transfer stickers

Village ordinance does not permit the transfer from one vehicle to another. However, if you total or trade in a vehicle with a current sticker, a replacement sticker will be provided for an administrative fee of $5.00.

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